Drive-in racking

The drive-in racking has been developed to allow storing of a large number of similar pallets and increasing of usable space. With this solution, it is much more possible than in the case of conventional systems. It is possible to achieve it by eliminating operating aisles. The proposed system ensures safe stacking of goods, also delicate and unstable ones, one on top of another.

Drive-In Racking - Dlamagazynu zdjęcie nr 1

Drive-in racking – characteristic features

Drive-in racking has stiff arms so it ensures easy and quick assembly. It is possible to use horizontal pallet rails in each of the tunnels which makes adjustment of the structure to individual needs easier. The pallet rails ensure appropriate load bearing capacity and at the same time pallet management does not cause any major problem. Drive-in racking is loaded and unloaded following the LIFO ‘last in, first out’ rule. In order to improve safety, the structure is additionally reinforced.

Each drive-in racking includes a frame, top beam, pallet rail, supporting arm, pallet rail entry, truck guide, truck guide entry, bracing and rear protector. Having such a robust structure at your disposal, you can store delicate products without any concerns.

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