We have an extensive range of storage systems at our disposal suitable for various needs of the Clients. We propose, among other things, drive-in, drive-through or pallet live racking systems and all additional elements such as racking covers, wire mesh decks, chipboards, traverse beams, racking crates. Furthermore, we extend our offer by delivering storage platforms and other storage systems which can be used not only in the warehouse but also in a shop. The most important for us is to supply high quality storage systems made of solid and durable materials.


Before handing over the warehouse for use, professional assembly of racking is required. You will find this service in our offer. Steelworks often need to carry loads having hundreds of thousands of kilograms, therefore execution of professional assembly is a guarantee of safety during utilisation of them. We employ qualified assembly and service specialists who have extensive knowledge concerning storage systems. We render services all over the country.

Other products and services

We continuously develop and introduce new services and products in our offer. We do our best to fulfil changing needs of our Clients. That is why, you will find now in our offer industrial floors, warehouse renting service, possibility of using cleaning service and employees’ outsourcing. We have IT solutions and WMS application available which make warehouse management easier.


We enrich the Polish logistical market by providing professional designs using AutoCAD to plan layout of storage systems.

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Thanks to documentation prepared by our company, you will be able to start cooperation with the best ones.

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Qualified employees

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Completed designs and projects

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Satisfied clients

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