Pallet racking

If you want to store various goods on Euro and industrial pallets in one warehouse, industrial racking is an ideal solution for you. It does not cause any problems during installation and the entire process is performed in an easy and quick way. Their characteristic feature is high versatility. Thanks to access to various accessories, you can place any goods at various heights which considerably facilitates warehouse stock control.

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Pallet racking – what do you need to know about it?

Two systems are available in the pallet racking range: single and double. Selection of the system depends on individual needs of the user. Pallet racks with a wide aisle are used most often. You can also decide to choose high bay storage which is characterized by narrow aisles and maximum utilization of storage space. Without any problems you will adjust racking to the type of stored goods with respect to height and weight. You just need to choose an option fulfilling your expectations.

If you decide to use single pallet racking, without any problems you can store products of various height in it, but they need to occupy the same surface area. They are stored on two single beams. In the case of double systems, many products can be placed on longitudinal beams.

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