Pallet live racking

Pallet live racking is a modern and convenient solution, ideal for food, pharmaceutical or textile warehouse. It can be used everywhere where goods with short expiration dates are stored. The goods are relocated using built-in reel modules. Due to all this, product management is easy, problem-free and is performed in an efficient way.

Pallet Live Racking - Dlamagazynu zdjęcie nr 1

​Pallet live racking – designs for special tasks

Pallet flow racking ensures maximum utilization of usable space available in the warehouse by limiting transportation routes. Storage is performed following the FIFO ‘first in, first out’ rule. This is an ideal solution in the situations when goods with short expiration date are stored. Thanks to this, stock rotation is continuous. Racking operation is carried out independently from both sides which allows saving of space during pallet manoeuvring. Loading and unloading zones are separated which improves operator safety.

The pallet live racking, and more precisely the track on which goods with loads are moved, has a constant slope of 4% versus the level which allows effective transportation of pallets. Materials of total weight even up to 1500 kg can be stored on the pallet live racking.

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