Pallet Shuttle system

Pallet Shuttle is a system for quick and frequent loading and unloading of pallets. The unit allows transportation between the racking front and the first free pallet place on the racking. As a result of development of the storage warehouse logistic needs, the time has come to replace conventional fork lift trucks with electric trucks which increases the dynamics of managing goods available in warehouses.

Pallet Shuttle System - Dlamagazynu zdjęcie nr 1

Pallet Shuttle system – solution tailored to contemporary needs

Pallet Shuttle has been created in response to needs of the Clients looking for innovative racking management solutions. Thanks to electronic operation, loading and unloading management becomes simple and problem-free. How does it work? The fork lift truck places the pallet on the rails at the beginning of the channel and then Pallet Shuttle picks it up and moves to the first free space. The fork lift truck does not drive between the racking, and thus the pallet operation time is significantly shortened.

Pallet Shuttle provides the possibility of introducing the accumulation storage system which guarantees reduction of labour costs and increased effectiveness of logistical operation. All this is reflected in satisfaction from introduction of a modern solution into the warehouse thanks to which goods management is quick, effective and problem-free.

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