Push-back racking

Push-back racking ensures an accumulation storage system which provides the possibility of storing up to the depth of four pallets. All pallets at the given level, apart from the last one, are placed on a set of trolleys pushed along driving rails. LIFO system is followed that is the last pallet in is the first pallet out. The push-back racking guarantees optimal utilization of storage space.

Push-Back Racking - Dlamagazynu zdjęcie nr 1

Push-back racking – ideal system for storing goods with medium rotation

By using the push-back racking, you can effectively utilize available storage space to the maximum extent. The structures are ideal for storing goods with medium rotation. Two or more pallets can be placed on one storage unit. A different storage unit can be kept on each level which distinguishes the push-back racking from other accumulation systems. Loading is performed in line with the principle of pushing the pallet into the pallet seat using a truck.

The structure of push-back racking is very robust, suitable for storage of various materials, which makes warehouse management much easier. Having significant flexibility, you can enjoy utilization of space and arrangement of loading and unloading according to current needs.

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