Renting of pallet racking

Renting of pallet racking is a convenient option for many Clients, that is why we introduced this service in our offer. If you do not know how long you will need a warehouse or you simply start business in the field and do not want to invest in fixed assets, you can rent any number of pallet racks for a specific time. We propose both short term and long term lease.

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What terms and conditions do we offer for racking lease?

We offer both short term and long term renting of pallet racking. We adjust our offer to a typical period of warehouse space lease. Our Clients usually decide to rent it for the period from 36 to 60 months. Of course, it is possible to shorten or prolong this period. We decided to add renting of pallet racking to the range of offered services as a consequence of higher interest in renting of warehouse spaces. In the case of warehouse lease, the Client usually decides to rent also the warehouse furnishing.

Renting of pallet racking is a simple way to acquire necessary furnishing of the warehouse. It allows you to achieve very positive results with respect to space management. Since we customize the services to needs of our Clients, they can feel satisfied with acquisition of racking adapted in each inch to their needs.

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