Support racking

Do you want to store long loads in your warehouse? You need to equip it with support racking. This simple structure consisting of columns and arms guarantees easy stacking and unloading of specific goods. You can decide to choose light, medium or heavy variant of this system depending on the materials which will be actually stored on these racks. By defining it, you will customize the system to your needs.

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What are the advantages of the support racking?

Simple and robust structure of the support racking allows you to store long elements, such as pipes, beams, boards or steel sheets. If you store such objects in your warehouse, the support racking should be a mandatory element of furnishing in this area. Warehouse management and storage of goods will be performed in a professional way in every aspect. The most essential is to adapt the system to your needs.

In the case of support racking, stacking can be performed on one or both sides of the racking. Light loads placed on support racking can be handled manually and heavy ones using fork lift trucks. Therefore, management is carried out in a way fully adapted to needs of the user.

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