High bay warehouses

What will you say about design of a building which incorporates racking forming one entity with them? The structures built in wall cladding and roof deserve attention of everybody who is looking for the most advanced solutions. The racking carries its own weight but also weight of stored products and structural elements. The entire structure is resistant to external factors such as wind or snow. High bay warehouses can be up to 40 m high.

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High bay warehouses – modern investment for an entrepreneur

High bay warehouses enable optimal utilization of warehouse space. You can store in them a broad variety of goods, that is pallets, containers, loads with high weight and oversize goods. Due to advanced engineering achievements, the high bay warehouses can be built currently in many locations and the only limitations are local building regulations which should be adhered to. The warehouse design guarantees full accessibility to storage systems and rotation of goods can be compliant with the current needs.

High bay warehouses are customized solutions appropriate for needs of the Client. You can decide to choose both full automation or operation using conventional fork lift trucks. This type of warehouses is most often used in fields where storage costs are very high e.g. in food or pharmaceutical areas.

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