Racking repair and service

We ensure quick and comprehensive service for warehouse racking. We have many years of experience in repairs and maintenance of warehouse racking. We continuously extend our knowledge by new solutions proposed by the trade. We closely cooperate with leading producers offering the best warehouse racking. We perform inspections and services both on the client’s premises and remotely, if the given machine or structure can be repaired in such a way.

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The highest quality of repair and service operations

We propose competitive repair and service time to the Clients. Thanks to us, you can save time and enjoy operational warehouse racking and other systems which are available in the warehouse. Properly completed inspections result in higher profit because operation of the warehouse can be uninterrupted. Our company conducts yearly inspections, provides technical support and responds to all problems connected with improper functioning of warehouse racking. We guarantee the highest quality of rendered services.

The service scope that we offer includes:

  • evaluating technical condition of warehouse racking,
  • checking correctness of assembly,
  • examining safety status,
  • verifying documentation and markings.

After each inspection, we issue technical documentation confirming these actions. Any potential defects are quickly fixed to improve safety of employees managing the racking.

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