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Horizontal markings

Painting of lines in warehousing facilities allows you to indicate professional and safe traffic routes. This provides the opportunity for appropriate warehouse space management. The comprehensively completed floor which is proposed by BM Floor allows you to arrange information markings in a way visible for all employees without any exception. Thanks to this, warehouse management is effective.

Horizontal Markings - Dlamagazynu zdjęcie nr 1

Comprehensive floor marking

Painting of lines, painting of parking spaces and preparation of information markings constitute the basic scope of services rendered by BM Floor. Any markings made are compliant with H&S requirements and regulations. Professional paints and lacquers chosen depending on needs are used to do the markings. The company has resin paints at its disposal which are resistant to external and mechanical factors. Durability of horizontal markings is improved. All this leads to high quality of rendered services.

Before any work on horizontal markings is started, BM Floor conducts the analysis of needs, prepares the foundation, and only then it can begin to fulfil the task. Thanks to this, comprehensive and durable systems for visual communication are prepared with great care. This leads to achievement of positive results.

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