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IT solutions, PRSES, WMS application

Warehouse management is much simpler, if you use modern technological solutions. Today accessibility of such tools is very high. You can use employee-friendly systems simultaneously facilitating performance of many tasks. The applications think for the user, remember data, and at the same time provide the basis for building databases about racking and goods stored on them.

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What applications can you use in the warehouse?

Are you looking for IT solutions fulfilling your expectations? Benefit from applications used commonly in the warehouses: PRSES and WMS. PRSES is a safe storage system about which each person managing the warehouse should know as much as possible. This allows implementation and abidance by H&S rules. It guarantees safe management of warehouse space which results in comfort of employees as well as all actions which are aimed at avoiding risks. Access to the application is possible after completion of PRSES training.

WMS i.e. Warehouse Management Software is used to manage the warehouse and keep records in the warehouse. It simplifies processes executed in the warehouse space. It supports, supervises and coordinates processes for tasks performed in the warehouse. Keeping of records and classification of goods become much easier.

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