Shelf racking

Shelf racking is widely used in storage of goods which are not placed on pallets. It is most often located in archives, libraries, shops, workshops, wholesales, but also in warehouses. It is usually operated manually simply by placing loads on it. Such objects as tools, automotive parts, boxes or other small elements can be stored on it.

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Ergonomic shelf racking

Shelf racking is designed for Clients who need space to store small single elements. Parameters are chosen appropriately to individual needs of the users which results in simple management of it. Shelf racking usually consists of metal shelves or chipboards. Its load bearing capacity can be selected in a way ensuring that, depending on needs, it can carry the weight from 40 to 550 kg. Obviously, metal shelves are robust and they can stand the highest loads.

Shelf racking is designed in an ergonomic way which enables its effective utilization. It is not necessary to fasten it to the wall to ensure stability of the structure. This allows quick relocation, if necessary. Additional accessories can be selected for the shelf racking.

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