Mobile racking

Dynamic racking, which includes mobile racking, is distinguished from the static ones by inclusion of a mobile element in the structure. It allows movement of the racking, most frequently on specially prepared rails. Mobile racking proves useful for storage of a diverse range of products. Access to the entire storage load is trouble-free and, what is the most important, the goods are safe.

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Mobile racking – noteworthy mobility

The mobile racking system is a professional solution developed with the most demanding Clients in mind, searching for mobile customized solutions. Mobile racking is called also driving racking. Thanks to its modular design, it is suitable everywhere where high requirements are imposed with respect to storage of goods. Comparing to stationary racking, any available space is utilized optimally. Nearly twice as much storage space is available. This is particularly important in the case of limited size of the warehouse.

Mobile racking has a railing system thanks to which even the most loaded racking can be moved easily. Manual crank or electric drive are used to control it. Mobile racking is a solution which has been valued for years, having excellent reviews of satisfied users.

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