PRSES training

Work in the warehouse involves considerable responsibility, particularly if you need to manage high bay racking. Persons who deal with organization of work must also take care of safety of persons operating the storage units i.e. warehouse racking. Appropriate training of them is a key to success. PRSES is a safe storage system about which each of the persons managing the warehouse must know as much as possible.

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What does PRSES training provide?

During the training, the employees learn about fundamental issues connected with designing and functioning of warehouse racking, but will also get information how to qualify defects as risks. They familiarize themselves with valid standards, find out how to create procedures ensuring quick detection and repair of damaged racking systems. They learn also how to conduct internal inspections. PRSES training will give them an opportunity to get to know technical aspects connected with warehouse management. Thanks to this, the space will be managed professionally.

During the training, the employee will become prepared for fulfilment of PRSES functions. An appropriately trained specialist will contribute to extending of the storage system operation time, increase of safety and quality of work in the warehouse. In many situations, he/she will prevent occurrence of risks to other employees.

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