Documentation of storage systems

You can order from us technical documentation for pallet racking. We ensure a complete set of documents necessary during service and also during possible inspections. This is a proposal for Clients who collaborate with us and want to use the entire package of services. Please note that the warehouse must have all authorizations for its operations. Only then it will be run legally, according to applicable H&S rules.

Documentation Of Storage Systems - Dlamagazynu zdjęcie nr 1

What is included in the storage system documentation?

What will you receive from us, if you request the storage system documentation? Technical drawings in AutoCAD containing projections and cross-sections, nameplates including information about load bearing capacities and configuration, warning plates, declaration of conformity with valid standards, instructions for safe operation, internal inspection sheets and service log. They are basic documents that each warehouse’s owner must have and make available for review during a potential audit or during inspections.

The documentation allows proper utilization of storage systems but also protects it from possible consequences in the case of an accident. If technical documentation is missing, you may not receive compensation and become exposed to penalties from PIP or other state institutions. It is worthwhile to take care of an appropriate set of documents.

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